the two endless rotary encoders, if enabled in the setup mode, are banked together with the button pads. this means that for each page they send and react to different midi messages, in other words can be independently mapped to different things and will automatically pickup the new values. if the banked encoders setting is disabled, the encoders will send and react to midi messages from the first page, no matter what page is actually active.

the value of the encoder is displayed for a second on the button pad in green for the left encoder and blue for the right encoder. if both encoders are displayed then the button pad is split into half showing both values condensed.

the two encoder modes change slightly the behavior and the messages they send. if ableton encoder mode is enabled (refer to the setup mode guide) the values are updated and displayed locally on the device and then synced to the incoming cc message. where as when the ableton mode is disabled, the values are displayed only upon receiving a corresponding cc message.

when mapping the encoders please select modes: bin offset in ableton and 7Fh/01h in traktor.

each of the encoders also feature a tri-color button which is also banked.

wood and steel enclosure
elegant minimal design