digital warrior has only 16 button pads and 2 encoders, but they can have over 144 functions. this is archived by using banks (or pages) pretty much just like the tabs in your browser.

to switch pages press and hold the shift button (10) (between encoders) and the page select menu will appear. the currently active page (*) will be lit purple. press any of the lower half pads (1-8) and finally release the shift button.

when enabled, the step sequencer lives on pages 6 to 8. page 6 is the voice select page (white), page 7 are the steps 1 to 16 of the sequencer and page 8 are the steps 17 to 32 (blue). the currently active step page is lit cyan (if you have 32-steps enabled you will notice the two pages flipping from blue to cyan and vice-versa every 4 beats).

for the rest of the top half button pads please refer to the sequencer manual.

wood and steel enclosure
elegant minimal design