in order to update your digital warrior's firmware you are going to need the teensy loader application. go ahead and download the version for your operating system and run it.

click, operation and tick automatic mode, then go to file -> open hex file, select the latest version and click open.

then you will have to set the teensy microcontroller on your digital warrior into the halfkay bootloader mode. to do so, you have to physically access the little push button on your teensy, either by taking off the face plate, or by using a thin, long and hard enough tool to press the button from the side without taking off the cover.

you will see the message "press button to activate", do so and your new firmware will be uploaded. if everything went well you will see the initial boot animation on your digital warrior and it will now have the latest firmware.

standalone sequencer firmware update version 0.3

can be used with a standard mk2 or the display edition

download (128kb)

change log:

- fixed display text bugs

- added loading and saving songs features

- swapped track and songs pages

- fixed tracks page bug

firmware update version 1.8

mk2 download (109kb)

mk2 extended download (109kb)

mk1 download (105kb)

change log:

- voices blink green at voice select page as the notes are triggered

- velocity attribute per step added

- chance attribute per step added

- encoder scrolling for ableton script

alternative standalone sequencer firmware version 0.1

can be used with a standard mk2 or the display edition

download (122.6kb)

firmware update version 1.7 

these versions are only for mk2 models

mk2 download (106kb)

mk2 extended download (106kb)

change log:

- voice preview when the sequence is not running

firmware update version 1.4

download (92.7kb)

change log:

- fixed debounce values

- optimized for finger drumming

firmware update version 1.3

download (92.7kb)

change log:

- mute sequencer button

- added 4 patterns per voice

- patterns saved on eeprom

firmware update version 1.2

download (91.1kb)

change log:

added pattern mute

added pattern delete

- added banked encoder mode

- fixed sequencer note off messages

wood and steel enclosure
elegant minimal design