to install a traktor mapping file, first download the file (right click -> save link as.. ). then in traktor, go to preferences and under controller manager, in the device setup section, click add... and then import. select the new file and click open. then under device select your new mapping and make sure that digital warrior is set under in and out ports.

sequencer mapping for traktor remix decks

besides the built in sequencer controls, the mapping also gives control over the remix deck filter, volume and effects control on page 5. 

to enable the filter and volume control press down and hold a top row button (1) corresponding to the desired sample slot and twist the encoders, a - volume b - filter. there is also the ability to mute individual sample slots with buttons in the second top row (2).

the buttons in the third row give control over the effects unit (please activate 4 effect units in traktor's settings). buttons (4-5) enable/disable the individual effects and button (3) instantly disables all effects. the bottom row buttons (6) give you the ability to choose which sample sots to route through the effects unit and which to leave dry.

the knobs control the dry/wet parameter of the effects unit.


version 0.2 download (34.3 kb)

for firmware 1.8 and above. added velocity feature as remix deck track volume.

version 0.3 download (34.4 kb)

basic sequencer mapping for traktor remix decks

download (604kb)

wood and steel enclosure
elegant minimal design